Best Dog trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Private Dog Training

I have just been back in England for 3 weeks and my puppy was looked after & trained by Alexandra at our home in Los Angeles. I really want to recommend her to everyone!

When I say looked after, I mean really looked after: thoughtfully putting Moose first, teaching him everything we asked, going above and beyond with his lessons. We call her the Fairy Godmother as she comes into our puppy's life and really makes him feel good.

The quality of training is better than any we have had before with Moose. Alexandra has taken a real interest in our puppy's well-being and been there for us/him if we needed any dog related help. His progress is all down to her and he is a lovely, smart and well-trained pup.

We really did not need to worry while we were in a different country--seeing videos of his training while away and knowing he was out at the beach, on walks, at the dog park, playing with dog friends etc. Having the time of his life!

Fantastic dog trainer in LA! Reliable, trustworthy, thoughtful, caring, responsible and damn right skilled at her job. We'll be calling on her for training needs as much as possible and recommending her again and again and again. Thank you for your wonderful help!

- Hannah R.