Positive Dog Training In Los Angeles

Game-Based Dog Training makes learning fun

If you've been searching for the fastest, most effective way to train your dog or puppy in Los Angeles, then look no further! Our proven, game-based system was developed by a world champion dog trainer and represents the most progressive approach to positive reinforcement dog training available today.


6, 12, & 24 Week Dog Training Programs

Our dog training programs will show you how to communicate effectively with your dog while teaching them essential life skills.


Choose From a Variety of Training Modules

Dog training is an on-going process that can enrich your life with your dog. Our programs deepen both your and your dog's understanding in layers.


Ideal for Puppies, Adult Dogs & Rescue Dogs

Whether you've just adopted a puppy or a rescue dog with behavioral issues, we can help you with every aspect of dog and puppy training.

Canine Separation Anxiety, Leash Reactivity, & Aggressive Dogs

Training For Challenging Dog Behavior

Dogs don't always behave the way we'd like. Understanding the root cause of your dog's behavior is a step in the right direction towards helping them acclimate to everyday life. At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, we offer proven methods for resolving a variety of dog behavior challenges including dog anxiety, canine separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and aggression.


Canine Separation Anxiety

Afraid to leave your dog alone for fear of what will happen? We've developed a ground-breaking behavior modification training that cures separation anxiety in dogs.


Dogs That Bark & Lunge On Leash

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs or people on walks? You're not alone! It's the most common dog behavior problem that dog parents face living in dense urban areas.


Training For Aggressive Dogs

Dogs displaying signs of aggression are often acting out natural drives rooted in fear, protectiveness or possessiveness that can be modified using science-based techniques.