Best Dog trainer in Los Angeles, CA

Canine Separation Anxiety

I have nothing but positive things to say about Lexie and Dog Savvy Los Angeles.

As someone who grew up with dogs, I felt confident and ready to train my newly adopted 2-year-old german shepherd mix, but boy did he come with some baggage. Our pup, though loving, has lots of energy and a few major behavioral problems including isolation distress and reactivity to other dogs - which began to wear me and boyfriend down as new dog owners.

We were stuck between a rock and a hard place - our dog would react and bark/lunge at other dogs when out in the community, which made it hard for us to bring him with us anywhere, but when left alone he became very anxious and barked for hours on end.

We had unsuccessfully worked with other dog trainers in the past but thankfully met Lexi before losing our patience altogether. We began participating in both group and personal training classes with Lexie about 6 weeks ago and noted major improvements right from the start!

After a personal visit to our home, we learned from Lexie that previous trainers had incorrectly diagnosed our dog with separation anxiety vs isolation distress, which therefore made our approach to training all wrong. It is still a work in progress, but now when we leave our home our dog is much more relaxed, and we have slowly worked up to about 10 minutes of leaving without our dog showing any signs of distress (this is a huge accomplishment for him). In addition, ever since using Lexie's feed for orientation approach to dog reactivity, we no longer need a prong collar to walk our dog and have significantly reduced stress on social outings in the community overall.

I would highly recommend Dog Savvy Los Angeles to any new dog owner, or even older dogs/owners with behavioral issues, as I have seen improvements from both perspectives working with her. She is professional, patient, and committed to both you and your dog's success.

- Aileen D.