Positive Puppy Training in Los Angeles

 puppy training in Los Angeles

Puppies are one of the cutest and most adaptable lifeforms on the planet! They are filled with exuberance, curiosity, and joy and can fill your home with love and light.

However, without the proper preparation and knowledge of how to raise and train a puppy, they can also be pure terrors, making living with one feel like unleashing a tidal wave of stress on your daily routine. 

The good news is the first five months of your puppy’s life are usually the most challenging. During this time, puppy biting is at its height, meaning your puppy will want to bite and chew on everything including you, and they also have no bladder or bowel control and will need to be monitored closely to avoid potty mistakes in the house.

This is why it's important to keep to a schedule that includes a streamlined potty training strategy, basic training, wind down periods, and routine confinement to keep a puppy out of trouble.

Luckily, training a puppy to become a well-behaved family dog is easy once you know the right steps to take. 

Instituting a manageable routine that is designed to create a lot of positive associations for your puppy with basic behaviors like sit, stay, come, settling down, and spot training is the best way to set your puppy up for success for choosing polite behaviors early on.

A good behavioral management plan also teaches a puppy to spend time by themselves once they are returned to their designated confinement areas while simultaneously preventing problem behaviors from developing.


Puppy Training Basics - 6 session Package - $450

 puppy training: goldendoodles

Learn from an expert dog trainer how to set up a potty training routine for your puppy that will help you to maintain your sanity while also laying the groundwork for puppy training success.

You and your puppy will learn all the basics of early impulse control training using our positive, game-based, dog training techniques, plus how to properly handle and socialize your puppy.


puppy training pro - 12 session package - $900

 puppy training in los angeles

Learn all the basics, plus advanced puppy training exercises, using our positive, game-based, dog training methodology.

Your puppy will learn to offer polite behaviors in practical training situations around the house and how to pay attention to you around a variety of distractions.

The 12-session package is a must for puppy parents wanting to know how to properly handle their puppy in a variety of situations and settings.


The Puppy Tutor Program - For Busy Puppy Parents - $150/4-Hour Session

 Affordable private puppy training in Los Angeles

No time to train your puppy? No problem!

The Dog Tutor/Puppy Tutor program is designed to take some of the pressure off of busy puppy parents who may not have time to fully train their puppy on their own.

When you hire a Puppy Tutor, one of our experienced and professional dog trainers will come to your home to train your puppy while you're at work or otherwise occupied.