Expert Dog Training In Los Angeles

learn how to communicate with your dog 

 A Border Collie getting private dog training lessons.

Private lessons can be scheduled in your home, in a pre-arranged public setting, or at a training facility for an extra charge.

An initial 2-hour session where we get to know you and your dog and begin training is $150 and includes an assessment of your individual dog's needs along with recommendations for a behavior training plan. 

If you decide to continue with one-on-one training, single, 90-minute sessions cost $125 and you can purchase a discounted package on the same day as the initial session of three sessions for $337.50 (a 10% discount) and a package of six sessions for $637.50 (a 15% discount) or $1200 (a 20% discount).

We recommend that packages of three lessons be used within 3 weeks to 3 months, and a package of six within 6 weeks to 6 months, but they must be completed within six months of purchase.

Custom Dog Training Programs

to match your Dog's Needs

 Australian Labradoodle puppy getting private dog training lessons.

Our expert dog trainers can create a customized dog training and behavioral management plan to address your overall training goals and your dog's specific needs.

We work with puppies, adolescents dogs and adult dogs of all breeds.

We also offer specialized training for dogs and puppies that need help recovering from canine separation anxiety, general dog anxiety, excessive barking, leash reactivity, and aggression in its many forms.