The Science of Positive Dog Training

Teach Your Dog To Make Good Choices

At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, your dog will learn faster because training is fun.

At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, our positive approach to dog training incorporates motivational games of choice that build your bond with your dog while teaching them good manners.

This method is not only fun, fast, and easy to learn for both you and your dog, it's also based in science!

Every game embodies the principles of animal learning theory in action to quickly and effectively train your dog while providing you with a clear demonstration of the game's practical application in your everyday life together.

Innovative & Interactive Dog Training

Labradoodle training in Los Angeles: How to train a Labradoodle puppy.

The many benefits of Game-Based Dog Training include:

  • PROVIDES MENTAL STIMULATION by encouraging a dog to problem-solve and make good behavioral choices;

  • MAKES LEARNING FUN because the games are interactive and readily capture a dog's interest, making training more engaging and enjoyable for both of you;

  • IMPROVES YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DOG by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to continually motivate your dog to behave politely and listen to you.

We've witnessed the transformative benefits of this dog training methodology time and time again and feel confident that there is no better way to train your dog.

Dog Training For Every Age & Breed

Training for Australian Shepherd in Los Angeles.

It's been scientifically proven that when training is fun, dogs learns faster! That's why dogs of every age and breed respond so favorably to game-based dog training.

It doesn't matter how young or old your dog is, what breed they are, or what temperament they have, this methodology works with every dog.

Let us show you just how brilliant your young puppy or older dog can be using the most effective dog training system in the world!

Developed By A World Champion Dog Trainer

Dog Savvy Los Angeles trains a dog to sit using positive dog training methods.

Our game-based approach to dog training was developed by World Champion Dog Trainer Susan Garrett and represents the fastest, most beneficial way to equip your dog with the skills necessary to live happily in a human world. 

It is a proven, choice and rewards-based system that rapidly improves your relationship with your dog because:

  • It teaches you how to communicate clearly with them;

  • It gains your dog's cooperation during training and conditions them to WANT to do exactly what you want;

  • The games grow in challenge to keep improving upon your dog's skills, and thus continue to remain fresh and interesting;

  • Both you and your dog are having fun while learning!

We are proud and excited to offer your the most progressive system of positive dog training available today and look forward to sharing it with you!