Dog Training & Behavior: Why Do Dogs Jump?

Dogs Jump To Greet You At The Mouth

Photo by BilevichOlga/iStock / Getty Images

Since dogs like to greet each other with licks to the mouth—a habit that is established very early on between a dam and her puppies—this is how your dog will naturally try to say hello to you, too. 

Being that you are a human biped that stands erect, this generally means a whole lot of jumping will be going on as your dog attempts to greet you by planting a dog-style kiss on your mouth!

This behavior, though incredibly endearing, can easily lead to a dog jumping wildly out of control to say hello to everyone it meets, making introducing them to guests or people they meet on the street a bit of a nightmare.

So how do you curb this natural dog behavior and train your dog to politely meet new people without jumping on them? 

The first step, first and foremost, starts with you: if you don’t want your dog to jump on other people, you can’t let them jump on you!