Dog Training Made Fun & Easy

Use games to Build A Trusting & fun-filled Bond With Your Dog

A German Shepherd taking obedience training with Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a private dog and puppy training company based in Los Angeles.

At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, we are dedicated to helping you and your dog or puppy to learn and grow together.

That’s why we are as equally committed to your success in dog training as we are to your dog’s progress while you are both in training with us!

Our goal is to show you just how fun and effective positive, game-based, dog and puppy training can be while empowering you with the proper knowledge and tools for teaching your dog to listen to you and have good manners.

And it all starts with understanding how your dog learns and how and when to apply consequences in their daily life.

We Teach You How Dogs Learn so that you can Communicate Clearly With Your Dog

Dog trainers that use positive dog and puppy training methods in Los Angeles.

Dogs learn, just as we do, by the consequence of their actions.

Using our game-based dog training system, you will learn how to apply consequences to your dog’s behavior to help them to distinguish between desirable and undesirable behaviors using games of choice.

Games of choice present dogs with problems to solve during the training process and reinforce a dog’s choice to offer polite behaviors.

Build a life-long bond with your dog

We believe that a dog parent's success in dog training is directly related to how well they understand the animal learning theory in which modern dog training techniques are based.

That's why we do our absolute best to help you master the principles behind what we do so that you can confidently communicate with your dog about what you expect of them and maintain your dog's training throughout your life together.

Our easy-to-learn, game-based dog and puppy training system helps you to build a dynamic bond with your dog based in mutual respect so that you can have the very best life together.

Force-Free Dog Training  

Gain Your Dog’s Cooperation without force or intimidation

A Pit Bull taking obedience training with Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a positive dog and puppy training company in Los Angeles.

Positive reinforcement training encourages good behavior with the use of rewards and discourages bad behavior using force-free behavior management tools.

Since there is a huge language barrier between dogs and people, a rewards-based system is the fastest, most effective, non-verbal way of letting your dog know when they've done something you like.

Pit Bull Terrier learning to walk on a leash with Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a private dog and puppy training company in Los Angles.

Dog’s Learn They Can Earn Rewards

In a game-based dog training system, rewards are something that your dog learns they can earn when they offer you polite behaviors like a sit, down, or coming when called, and can be considered a vehicle of communication between you and your dog.

Inappropriate Behaviors Are Discouraged Without Coercion

Alternatively, undesirable behaviors are prevented or managed benignly using force-free techniques in order to reduce their frequency (with the goal of extinguishing them).

Build Your Dog’s Confidence & Trust

This approach to training also helps to build up your dog's confidence by helping them to be successful at making good behavioral choices, and giving them clear, consistent, and humane consequences for inappropriate behaviors.

Positive reinforcement training is always a win-win for both dogs and people because dogs and puppies that feel secure about how to negotiate living in a human world make the best companions!

L.A.’s Premier Game-Based Dog Trainers

Training games enrich your dog's experience

Goldendoodle puppy getting trained by a dog trainer in Los Angeles.

At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, we refer to our method of dog training as “game-based dog training,” also known as choice-and-reinforcement-based dog training. 

Gamed-based dog and puppy training teaches a dog that choosing to offer polite behavior earns them rewards, otherwise known as reinforcement. Reinforcement = anything your dog likes such as treats, toys, attention from their human, access to something your dog values like a coveted spot on the couch, and even permission to do something.

How to train a Goldendoodle puppy in Los Angeles.

Games Of Choice: How Teach A Dog To make good choices

The best part about this system of dog training is that good behavior is achieved by engaging your dog or puppy with fun and interactive training games that provide them with clear consequences, thus helping them to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors faster—and with longer-lasting results—than with any other method.

Remarkably, the problem-solving element of these training games is also the reason for their effectiveness since they provide a dog or puppy with the much needed mental stimulation they crave while helping them to make good behavioral choices.

Positive Dog Training Teaches Manners

Train Your dog to Be a thinking dog

German Shepherd getting trained by dog trainers at Dog Savvy Los Angeles in Atwater Village.

Manners training involves conditioning your dog to perform a polite behavior they think of on their own.

We call these “default” behaviors, which means it is something they do automatically. It is not a behavior preceded by a command or cue, although it is important to teach your dog to recognize cues.

While it may take some dogs longer to learn a default behavior, they will retain this information better because they thought of it themselves instead of just being told to do something. They really don’t have to think creatively or problem solve if they are always being commanded, they just learn to be compliant (sometimes).

A shepherd mix learning how to sit before taking a walk with Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a private dog and puppy training company in Los Angeles.

Solid default behaviors provide dogs with an effective and polite way to ask for something they want or need, and socially-acceptable ways to behave if they are unsure of what to do in a situation. Teaching your dog a default behavior produces a dog who is polite and more manageable in day-to-day situations.

This is just as important as a dog knowing to come when called AND has the bonus of building confidence in your dog because they are continually being reinforced for their good choices!

How Does Manners Training Differ From Dog Obedience Training?

Obedience Training Employs Force & Intimidation

German Shepherd learning how to stay with the dog trainers at Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a dog and puppy training company in L.A.

Obedience is defined as: the state or quality of being obedient. In the world of dog training, obedience training consists of teaching a dog to obey commands using force, pressure, and physical punishment along with aversive equipment like choke chains, prong collars or e-collars.

Proponents of dog obedience training adopt the viewpoint that a dog must be dominated and controlled in order to elicit good behavior; however, considering the advancements being made in dog training, this has proven to be a very limited and outdated approach to training dogs that often causes more harm than good.

Dog Training Terminology: Command Vs. Cue

In our approach, we encourage you to view your dog as a family member, not an automaton that does your bidding as the term "obedience" implies.

How to train a boxer

All behaviors that you ask of your dog are considered prompts, or "cues" (rather than commands), and every cue fulfills a specific purpose in your life with your dog (such as coming when called or going to a spot when the doorbell rings).

Using our proven, science-and-game-based dog training methodology, a dog learns to look forward to hearing a cue because it means something fun or good is about to happen (rather than the opposite).

This is why using this approach makes it more likely that your dog or puppy will listen and respond favorably to your requests.

Choosing A Dog Training Method

How Do You Want To Treat Your Best Friend?

What system you choose to train your dog boils down to is what kind of relationship you want to develop with your dog. So the question you have to ask yourself is:

Learn how to train your Labrador Retriever using positive dog training techniques at Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a private dog and puppy training company in L.A.

Do you want to employ a "do it, or else!" methodology that often leads to lackluster results and a dog that is mistrusting or even afraid of their human guardian?

Or would you like to have fun with your dog, and instill trust in them that you will treat them fairly, while training them to be a good companion?

Chihuahua dog learning how to sit with Dog Savvy Los Angeles, a positive dog training company in Los Angeles.

Since a dog is meant to be your best friend—the kind of friend who should be treated with fairness, respect, and love —we believe there is only one choice to make when choosing how to train a dog and that will always be a positive training method.

At Dog Savvy Los Angeles, we are committed to promoting a healthy relationship between you and your dog. We look forward to sharing the transformation benefits of our positive, game-based, dog and puppy training system with you and becoming your trusted dog trainers in Los Angeles!